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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the "young turks." one of ma'am's top add advises confirms what i've been saying all along. >> i think what we need to do and president does is let's go for the big deal. >> what he will do is sign a grand bargain where they will cut social security, cut medicare, cut programs for the poor. >> but will they actually cut taxes on the rich? not raise them, cut them. they wouldn't do that, will they? you are about to find out. >> republican goes after susan
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rice. >> absolutely it was wrong. >> here's what i can tell you. the american people got bad information on 15 september. >> some surprising opinions on that. stay right here for that, as well. then a movie about how we got bin laden but did they get classified information? that's a new controversy. >> you think you know the story but hold on to your seat. >> it's a huge controversy. an investigation was begun about you receiving classified material. >> who's guilty, who's innocent? we decide here on the "young turks." also, the man who created pulp fiction, kill bill, inglorious bass starteds on the set today. and republican on republican crime, elbow of the day. go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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>> cenk: david pluck is one of the to which advisers for president obama. he's talking about what they're going to do in regards to the grand bargain and he says some things that are very, very interesting, revealing exactly what we had feared was going on inside the obama administration. first, let's start with his framing of the issue. >> democrats are also going to have to step up here and do some tough things, and the notion that somehow these deficits and our debt are not a threat to our national security and economic future is something i could not disagree with more strongly. there are some commentators on the left that suggest that. >> cenk: it's threat to national security. look, i want to balance the
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budget, right, but it's not a threat to national security. if oh, my god what if the interest rates go up, but they're at record lows. this is just fear mongering. it's republican talking points. and then second of all you're setting up a straw man. nobody's saying don't balance the budget. the question is how how do you balance it? they always send out a straw man, oh, well, see that commentators on the left don't want to compromise. they do want to. the question is what's in the compromise. the if you notice, the most important thing he said there they're going to have to go after entitlement programs. >> i think what we need to do and the president believes let's go for the big deal, for a 10-20 year period for the first time in a long time our country is on a sustainable path. the only way to get that done is for republicans to step out and
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get mercilessly criticized by grover norquist and democrats are going to have to do things about entitlements that they'll get criticized on the left. >> cenk: they're going to seem so big and grand taking criticism for the left. those people all just voted for you, right? they are putting medicare and medicaid on the chopping block. they've been dying to do it all along. they ran a campaign about romney would cult medicare. they're going to cult medicare. romney would have, maybe more, but they're going to cut it. it gets worse. how about tax cuts. sit down please. before you watch this clip, sit down, otherwise you're going to fall down. >> the immediate question of the tax cuts, we want to extend them for most people but we want to engage in the process of tax reform that would produce lower rates, even potentially for the wealthiest. >> cenk: you didn't hear that wrong. not higher rates for the
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wealthiest lower rates for the wealthiest! lower rates! cut taxes for the wealthiest! i'm glad we had an election, guys. the whole point of the election was to raise taxes on the rich and now they're turning around and say we'll take money from them too we're going to. >> you and stick you with the bill and give it to the rich. if only someone had warned you about this. july of this year, well before the election, democrats were talking about we're going to raise taxes on the rich and we're going to take away those bush tax cuts for the rich, somebody had a different idea. let's see if we can figure out who that is. >> the democrats are acting tough now. this is definitely a positive story. they say they're going to let all this stuff expire and only bring tax cuts for the middle class. they will do no such thing. if president obama wins, they will sign a grand bargain where they will cut social security,
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medicare, cult programs for the poor, cut programs for the middle class and yes, they will give some tax cuts definitely to corporations, and perhaps even to the rich. >> perhaps even to the rich. it looks like we're headed towards that almost worst case scenario. let me set it up for you. let me go to the penalty's own words on this. he said just a couple of months ago: >> that's a conservative democratic. how many times does he have to tell you he's a conservative. he said: >> meaning, i will cut medicare and medicaid. how clearly do i have to say it? ok, all right fine. how about during actual negotiation that they had back in 2011.
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>> according to people with knowledge of the proposal. i have good news on social security in a second. he's already proposed all that. he's already said i'll give you medicare and medicaid and offered up social security. on that, good news in a second. how about taxes? when i tell people that obama wants to lower corporate taxes they don't believe me. listen to obama and see if you can tell what he wants to do. >> we have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, but it's riddled with exceptions and special interest loopholes. we can lower the corporate rate if we get rid of all these specials rates. >> not increase, lower the corporate rated. he's saying it. you just don't want to listen to it. ok? he is conservative. he's a blue dog. he wants to do the same plan the
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republicans want to do, just a little lighter. so what's on the -- what do we know about this grand bargain and what's still on the block? first of all cutting medicare. unquestionably, no question, it has been offered in every single deal, it is offered up now, dick durbin is still talking about how they call it reform. they're cutting it, cutting it, cutting medicaid, unquestionably, that has been offered every single time and they'll cut it. they are going to lower corporate taxes. the president agrees as i just showed you set in stone, they are going to lower corporate taxes. then, they're also going to cult the home mortgage deduction. there are some open questions about that including the home mortgage deduction. what's still on the line? this morning as we're cooking this segment up, i put up social security, something i've been talking about a long time. we don't know if they're going to cut social security. that's less clear than medicare and medicaid. good news on that front today dick durbin coming out and
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saying the house democrats and inoperable president obama told republicans social security for the purposes of this negotiation is off the table. if they go back on that, it will be nuclear. ok? so that's -- it looks like hey we might have saved social security, great fighters like bernie sanders fought really hard to make that happen. what else is a possibility? well how will the home mortgage deduction be cut just for the rich or out of your hide? if they cut your home mortgage deduction, people are going to be so mad. finally, the top tax rate. is it going to be increased the same or lower? it seems unbelievable, but they are actually considering as you heard yourself, lowering the tax rate for the rich. of course, both on corporations and the rich, their excuse is look we're going to take away some deductions and loopholes which we'll put back in a year, which doesn't come as close to
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paying as much as the rate would. after the election if they lower the taxes on the rich it will be insanity and that is the direction they're going. you can tell how these negotiation are going to go by who's in charge. wall street journal reports: >> cenk: in other words it's over. you know what happens when a republican negotiates with a republican? the republican wins. geithner is a republican. he's going to give them everything they want. finally, i love this report from the new york times a little earlier this month, get a load of this: >> well, they are wrong about
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one thing. it wouldn't be bipartisan, it would be partisan, just the republican side. they are considering taking the romney tax plan! why the hell did we have an election? you got to understand something both sides raised a billion dollars. you think those people don't want their money back? yes, obama got some small donors, but the lions share was very verge donors and now they want their return on investment. all that nonsense you said during the election, give me my tax cut. our system is broken. money runs everything, this is sick gross not what you voted for. all right, when we come back, republicans attacking susan rice, but have they gone too far. some claim there might be racial implications here. i'm not sure about that. we'll discuss it when we return. >> he gave us the optics of he and lindsey graham wrongly and
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repeatedly attacking a much younger black woman. >> cenk: later in the program the movie about getting osama bin laden. did they get classified information for that? >> your in the wind, in the sand, in the sound of a rotor wash and you can't see anything, you know, and you imagine what it would be like to land in this place. question: why are ice breakers mints called mints? answer in a moment.
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(vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show, debbie mazar and gabriel corcos talk tuskin cooking. and there better be snacks, just sayin'. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: susan rice is our u.n. ambassador and might be up for secretary of state. the republicans are livid about what she said in benghazi. today, they had a chance to meet with her and they were grilling rice.
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>> we were thinking of going with fried rice. already, anyway, ok, so mccain, lindsey graham and senator ayat were not happy with how things went. in order to explain how all this went down, we need a political correspondent, not a mini guy political correspondent, one that is absolutely epic. >> sadly, i haven't been a mini guy for a while. >> cenk: you and the me both, brother. tell me what happened today. >> you alluded to it. joe lieberman has to be very jealous, he was one of the three amigos. all three senators spoke today
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with susan rice. we start here with john mccain, you remember him he ran for president, cenk. >> it is clear that the information that you gave the american people was incorrect when she said that it was a spontaneous demon station triggered by a hate group. >> that's what rice said today. absolutely it was wrong. >> here's what i can tell you. the american people got bad information on 16 september. they got bad information from president obama days after, and the question is should they have been given the information at all. >> oh, senator graham, mccain and ayat. >> look, is there any chance they would have met with rice and thought she nailed it. >> hard to know. they actually demanded that she
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meet with them and talk with them. at first they wanted a committee set up, the senator from tennessee said we are getting ahead of ourselves with the committee. they came and talked to her. i think this speaks to the seriousness that the administration is treating her as a nominee. >> obama normally would have thrown her under the bus a long time ago. when republicans attack, usually they're shown the door. she issues not shown the door. to me that also indicates that maybe they told her to say that so now they've got to have her back. >> here's the thing. i think rice is saying as much and you heard jay carney say it today, they feel they did what they set out to do. they were not playing politics according to the president. susan rice was sent out to answer the questions. she was armed with the same intelligence briefings that these three senators were armed with and that's what she said. here's susan rice talking about that, as well.
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that is a graphic. that is consistent with what this administration said. when anything like this has the first reports you get out of any situation in a far off land from vietnam up to now are sketchy at best and they go with the intelligence they have. >> cenk: i hear you. i'm not sure it's her fault but i don't believe them. i don't believe the administration. i'll tell you why. the attack happens and they've got r.p.g.'s, it's a coordinated assault.i came on the air and said this is different than what's happening in egypt. they are not protesting the movie. it was fairly obvious almost the c.i.a. writes up a report that
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explains this is a terrorist attack and someone in the administration amended it to say or it could have been about the movie. >> they certainly didn't want to say al-qaeda, hamas or hezbollah. they didn't want to blame someone early. here is the white house defending their position, the spokesperson president press briefing. >> there are no unanswered questions about ambassador rice's appearance on sundays shows and the talking points that she used for those appearances that were provided by the intelligence community. those questions have been answered. >> cenk: yeah, look, again i'm not putting it on susan rice. someone changed the talking points. john mccain is on with her on that same face the nation says no way it's a terrorist attack, it was coordinated.
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>> they had the talking points and went against them. you're with the three amigos, you're the fourth amigo. >> cenk: let's go on to something different. touree. >> old white establishment folks wrongly and repeatedly attacking a much younger black woman moments after an election in which blacks and women strongly went blue. >> cenk: do you think this has anything to do with rice' gender or race? >> you know, i don't. i don't think this has anything to do with race. condoleezza rice, another african-american woman named rice was the secretary of state.
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these people didn't come after her. i said this earlier today to someone. the best thing about a black coach being hired is when a black coach is fired. that is a sign of progress. >> cenk: doesn't that sound like something they'd say in alabama. >> you know when i mean. when you can criticize openly someone without any thought of their skin color, i can't speak for mccain and ayo the. te and those people. i think this has to way they see susan rice. in some circles she is not well liked. some say they don't think she's a great diplomat. >> cenk: that's all weird. let me address all of that. number one on the penalties of rice issue. when older white democratic senators criticize condoleezza rice nobody said it was gender or race, because it wasn't. number two there are times when the republicans are very clearly using racial issues.
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like sonia sotomayor, went to princeton, got great grades, unqualified latina. that was racial. >> there are so many opportunities you have when it is about race with the republican party and you have to use those and not dilute your argument with something like this that does not clearly show race is involved. >> cenk: whether the republicans right or not about the substance, they're doing this for the politics. they just want to take down obamas possible secretary of state nominee. >> they want john kerry, because they want to seat to open up in the senate to put scott the brown in there, as well. >> cenk: that's a great point. that's why they call him epic. i call him epic. >> cenk: a movie about getting bin laden but of course, there's controversy. >> the whole world's going to want to know this.
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>> the republican party characterizing the script and the movie before i had even written a word. >> cenk: that's funny. we're going to talk to mike lacy about that. later, the elbow of the day. i'll tell you what it is. it's republican on republican crime, and it is fun.
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tell them it's like being nestled in an eight-way, adjustable, heated and ventilated seat surrounded by a 500-watt sound system while floating on a suspension made of billowy clouds.
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or you could just hand them your keys. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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♪ >> cenk: that's the trailer for zero dark 30, the greatest manhunt in history about how we got bin laden. i love that trailer, you will never find him. wrong again bob, turns out we found him. the movie's coming out on december 19, but you know what? there's controversy surrounding did they have classified information. michael hastings will break it down fours. also an expert in this field his book is called operators the wild inside story of america's war in afghanistan. it's coming out in paper back today. i'm not sure when the movie's coming out. that will be soon, probably.
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>> one day at a time as they say in a.a., but yeah, i'm excited for this movie. i loved point break his first hit and i thought hurt locker was quite good, as well. it will be interesting to see how they hand it. we're supposed to be talking about a big interview last night. should we watch that? >> cenk: sure, why not let's do it. >> this is all based on firsthand account. it felt vivid and immediate which is exciting as a filmmaker. >> the project was begun six weeks ago with a very different ending until. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> i picked up the phone and started calling sources and asking what they knew and taking referrals and knocking on doors. >> there is a huge controversy and an investigation was begun about you receiving classified
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material. >> i certainly did a lot of homework but i never asked for classified material. to my knowledge i never received any. >> cenk: michael, i'm a former lawyer, as i listened to that, to my knowledge i haven't received any. what do you think, did they get any classified intelligence? >> mark is putting on his investigative reporter hat. he's actually really an incredible journalist. he did an amazing piece for rolling stone about the kill team. i'm sure he approached this project as an investigative journalist, which is trying to get as much classified information as he possibly can. how to, one of the interesting things about this, and i've done a lot of reporting on it, essentially, the night when the president announced the bin laden raid, the white house declassified a bunch of stuff in a way they usually don't do. i think that will give leeway down the line in terms of the information they did get was actually already declassified. >> cenk: it's amazing.
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we are about to do a story on bradley manning. his hearing just started. when he declassifies information, it's a national crime. on another hand, you want to hype up something they should hype up, the killing of bin laden, all of a sudden, it gets declassified right away. >> if michael moore had gone to the pentagon and said i wanted to do a movie about the bin laden raid, they would probably not have set up meetings with top people in the c.i.a. and joint special operations commander, those involved in the command, right? you have this very selective leaking process that goes on. it's widespread throughout the government now where you have this really powerful executive branch that will only leak things or declassify things when it makes them look good and use classification as a weapon to attack critics and to try to keep things that might be embarrassing, so there's no consistency at all. i think that that's the real
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problem here. >> cenk: i think that's 100% right. on the other hand, the republicans of course as usual go over board with their criticism. i want to show you something about that from nightline. >> as far as the controversy goes, you know how can i put this. it was an election year. it was surreal and bizarre to have i mean, there were major players in the republican party characterizing the script and the movie before i'd even written a word. >> cenk: so i mean, michael that's just funny right? have the republicans also taken advantage of this politically to say aha you politicized this. >> they were clearly working on the movie before they had gotten bin laden and clearly this was going to be really sensitive right? we actually, not to keep bringing up michael moore but we saw the same thing when
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fahrenheit 9/11 was released right before the election. the release date was in october right, so i think, you know, republicans can say wait a second, you're giving all this access to a hollywood movie and you're going to release it a couple weeks out before the election, make you all look good and remind everybody that we killed bin laden. i think there clearly was a political element when the decision was granted to give these guys access, but the way that the right responded to it was also, you know, obviously over the top and in the end totally ineffective. >> cenk: so, you know, one interesting thing about that, and of course, republicans go overboard, that's what they always do, and of course all of it is political but obama's only in the movie for a couple of seconds right? the movie is not about obama it's actually about a woman right? a lot of people are confused about it, thinking seal team six and obama and why is the main
4:33 pm
hero oh woman? >> i was talking to people at the c.i.a. about this. the hero here is a young cary mathson who was one of the driving forces to kept the vigil and hunted bin laden down. i think you're going to have that element to it. plus you have the very dramatic scene at the end where they actually go in to pakistan and get the guy. >> cenk: and actually on nightline last night they talked about how they recreated that compound, too. >> the assault on the compound like the rest of the film is as accurate as possible. using in part, abc news video shot at the actual scene, a full scale version of the compound was built in jordan where they filmed for close to four weeks. >> cenk: all right well, so it's down every detail. are you looking forward to seeing it? >> yes i'm going to do point
4:34 pm
break, hurt locker and zero dark 30 on december 18. i'll hit the midnight showing on december 19th. >> cenk: point break's the one with the mass, right the presidential mass? >> it is, i can go into a deep analysis for how all the themes are similar, but i'll save that for another day. >> cenk: thank you michael, we appreciate it. everybody check out michael's book on paper back. there it is, the operators. when we come back, we're going to talk about bradley manning. would he reveal classified information? oh my god, totally out of a sense of a national crime. we'll tell you all the details and away amazing fact. >> an army special you have the from maryland, the video in question shows apache helicopters gunning down unarmed men in iraq in 2007.
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>> cenk: bradley manning was arrested for revealing
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classified information and has been in prison for over two years. his court martial hearings are happening today. we want to get a report on that. the other court martial by law must start within 120 days. bradley manning has been in detention for over 1,000 days. there's something incredibly weird about that. he revealed things that were deeply embarrassing to the government, like this apache helicopter video out of iraq. >> the video shows unmanned men gunned down in iraq. showed on the website in april the soldiers were found to have act the appropriately. >> cenk: of course. they always act appropriately. by the way, two journalists were killed in that strike, but apparently still appropriate. the one that did the appropriate action was not the one who killed the journalist and first responders, but bradley manning for revealing that information
4:39 pm
about the government. the one journalist that has been there throughout these proceedings is at fort meade now and joins us. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> cenk: let me does you about the 120 days things. why have they kept him over 1,000 days. >> it hasn't been a thousand days yet. we're closing in on that. basically, the government goes to a special court martial convening authority. this was a big part of the previous hearing. they go to this guy and they say we're taking too much time here and we need to take this much time to get the evidence and do what we're doing. we need a delay. they get what's called and excludable delay and they're able to have it not count against them when you have someone like david coons bring a speedy trial motion, claiming
4:40 pm
that his rights have been violated. >> cenk: i find that egregious. you can ask for those all day long all decade long. they kept him in solitaire confinement. i want to know what happened today. apparently, there was a plea deal and the government did not accept it. just so many questions about that. tell me what went down. >> this ties into, you know, previous hearings. we had the story where manning said he would be willing to accept responsibility that he in fact did pass information on to wikileaks, some of it, not necessarily all of it, and so today, the u.s. government came into court and said we're not going to accept the -- we will not support this conditional plea. i think, you know, to get to sort of what you're trying to grapple with, here's bradley manning accepting what he's guilty for these crimes.
4:41 pm
he hasn't even gone to trial yet. i guess that would be an issue. what's important for people to know is that he is accepting the violation as a military code of justice, not the political offense, like the espionage act or computer crimes charges that he's facing. this in a way i think could be a strategy on the part of the defense to maneuver and maybe break it apart. >> cenk: that's interesting. even if you break it apart the prosecution still can pursue the big are charges right? i'm not sure i see the upside of unilaterally giving a plea where you admit to even the lesser charges. >> yeah, and i think you have a valid can certain. i have that concern myself as somebody who has been following this all along. the question is what can you gain. i guess it's just this conventional wisdom that you're giving the judge a possibility that she wouldn't have to handle this long, you drown-out trial
4:42 pm
that could last all of next year. >> cenk: so what. it's their job. i've been curious about the defense for a long time. the defense does seem to have one interesting idea, which is hey, if you treat someone in a certain inhumane way before you go to trial, apparently that can be grounds for dismissal. is there any chance that will work? >> probably thought but i mean as far as the defense goes, since there is clear evidence and, you know, now in the age of technology, you can do all this forensics and see that that's actually happened. some of that information did come out this past december in 2011. we know that there's evidence that manning passed some informationen oh. in terms of like getting an edge it looks really good right now today arguing that manning was punished before he was even convicted? i think it's a great defense. whether it works is a different issue, but he has suffered enough. solitaire confinement for nine
4:43 pm
months when he wasn't charged been debt in prison for two years now, enough is enough. kevin, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: all right now when we come back, the man behind "pulp fiction,"" kill bill" is in studio. >> they went to president opened up the command and control launch codes the button, put it on the desk and said we're under attack. he wasn't drunk and didn't believe what the military was telling him. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later.
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>> cenk: this is the segment where you find out how boris yeltsin saved the world. right now, there is apparently 23,000 nuclear weapons all across the world in nine different countries at least. global zero has done a documentary, really interesting one as you're about to see in the trailer called count down to zero. >> january 25, 1995, united states launched a rocket to study the northern lights. we told the russians we were going to launch that rocket, but somebody in moscow target to password on it. >> that fit exactly the characteristics of the beginning
4:48 pm
of a nuclear strike. for the first time in the nuclear age the russians actually opened up the nuclear football. they went to president yeltsin put it on the desk and said we're under attack. >> boris yeltsin was given five minutes to decide what to do. >> fortunately he wasn't drunk and he didn't believe what the military was telling them. he said there must be some mistake. >> it is the policy that if you believe you are under attack, you are supposed to launch the missiles, you don't wait for them to land. borerys yeltsin should ever launched and all-out nuclear attack that morning. >> cenk: that's an amazing story. here to tell us more is the producer of the movie and producer of eye pulp fiction," "kill bill" the list goes on and
4:49 pm
on. 19 academy award nominations. >> thee more than that? when anybody hears eliminating nuclear weapons completely, likely they have a reaction of come on, really? the united states and russia or is israel going to give them up? doesn't seem likely. >> listen, this was first thought about in many speeches made by president ronald reagan back in the early 1980s. he made these beautiful eloquent speeches about it. this was his dream. he didn't accomplish it. there was a big summit where he was meeting with the president of russia gorbachev and so this was his dream and now we cut to today where president obama is pickling up the mantel and one of his first speech, the first in prague, he made a big speech about the elimination of nuclear weapons. in his first term, he accomplished passing the new
4:50 pm
start treaty. i do believe this is a passion of the president's, president obama's. there's a lot of things, he has a nuclear summit meeting in d.c. which pledged the elimination of nuclear weapons. >> cenk: they did this treaty and made progress. that's great news. i am curious really, like is zero possible? >> it absolutely is possible. again, to go back about five years ago they called the four states, they used to call the four mothersman, kissinger schultz, n under the influence nn and perry talked about how we need to reduce, the times have changed now. these were people who wrote the rules of nuclear engagement and put at the top this goal of global zero, so there are great people who are the old warriors of nuclear weapons who do
4:51 pm
believe that the direction of zero is very important. >> cenk: i'm keeping it real here. i'm skeptical that pakistan and israel are not going to keep one secretly in their basement. i'm a little worried about that. i think it's a noble goal. even if you reduced them. i want to ask you about that. my main concern is the loose nukes. there is a lot of former soviet republic states where it's not clear where they are. >> that is a lot of different questions. you brought up the question of cheating, loose nukes material and so fort. all those things are very important questions and considerations and so fort, but we at global a group of people, many of them military leaders ambassadors, generals, exgenerals from pakistan, from i understand i can't as you
4:52 pm
brought up, generals from russia ambassadors, we have about 300 very big important leaders from all over the world expresidents who have come together and helped to create this plan. now, the plan would need very intrusive verification, the ability to cheat would be impossible otherwise nobody would do it, our country nor any other country would. that's the reason i was just in brussels there with the european parliament seeking to pass what's called declaration 26 which is basically endorsing global zero's plan for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons. we met with top people including the french head of the european conservative party about 300 members of that party were very enthusiastic endorsing this. >> cenk: that's great. any nukes off the table i'm very serious bit. i think it's one of the biggest problems in the world. i'm so afraid somebody is going
4:53 pm
to get their hands on one. the more we can get off the table, the better. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> cenk: can't wait to check out that movie because boris yeltsin saves the world. >> elbow of the day republicans against republicans, so it's always fun. come right back. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious.
4:54 pm
>> cenk: viewpoint is next. what ever you got for us? >> you are so right the notion of boreries yeltsin with his switchy fingers on the red button is kind of scary. >> cenk: he scared me half to death. i can't believe he might the right decision. >> good thing he wasn't drinking that day. you're right a multi-lateral world makes the bilateral world seem easy. that was a great conversation you just had. we're going to be talking about fiscal cliff with peter welch always interesting great
4:55 pm
congressman from vermont. a new book about afghanistan fascinating, deciphering what's going on with susan rice. what is john mccain up to? it's going to be a fun show. >> cenk: looking forward to it. see you in a minute. i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table. ñ20 >> cenk: paul ryan -- paul wyrick is one of the ideological parties. back in 1980, he gave a speech about how they don't want more
4:56 pm
people voting. look at this amazing admission. >> thy want -- they want everybody to vote. i don't want everybody to vote. elections are not won by a majority of people. they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. as a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populous goes down. >> cenk: what happened over the last couple of years? all of the voter i.d. laws trying to kill early voting in different states including in florida and now really interesting admissions by republicans in florida. including the former florida party chair mr. greer. jim greer says "the republican party, the strategists consultants, they firmly believe that early voting is bad for republican party candidates. it's done for one reason. and one reason only. we've got to cut down on early voting because early voting is not good for us." nothing to do with voter fraud. it has everything to do with basically trying to help the
4:57 pm
republicans win elections. so what is jim greer doing? he's throwing the republican party in the middle of the ring and dropping a truth elbow on him. there you go! now of course, he's fighting with the republican party. they say he stole money cetra so now he can be honest with what they're doing. charlie crist is saying the same thing. former republican governor of florida, he says "the only thing that makes any sense as to why this is happening referring to ending early voting or admitting it -- and being done is voter suppression." charlly kris -- charlie crist throws the republican party in the middle of the ring and there he goes. drops another elbow. jim greer says two other things that are really interesting. he said they never came in to see me and tell me we had a voter fraud issue. he says it is all a marketing ploy. and then finally he says yes they are targeting blacks. "the sad thing about that is yes, there is prejudice and racism in the party but
4:58 pm
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